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Our Mission

Dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and easy way to find or sell your home.

We are always looking for new ways to expand what we offer and already have several exciting ideas in the pipeline.
If you like what you see, it’s only going to get better from here.

Meet the Team

Eric Gebauer

A graduate of Boston University, Eric is a passionate enthusiast for innovation and technology. Having moved eight of his ten years living in Boston, he found the experience to be complicated and unnecessarily frustrating each time. The seeds for change were planted. With the help of his strong team, Eric is excited to offer the most streamlined solution to this common problem.

Phil Saulnier

Phil brings fifteen years of software engineering and design experience to AuctionHouse. A Boston native and graduate of Syracuse University, Phil has worked as a developer and Data Architect for several companies. Phil enjoys finding ways to solve all of the technical challenges that are part of creating the most efficient and comprehensive one-stop-shop real estate services platform.

Tim Köck

UI/UX Design
Tim's passion for web design started at an early age, injecting over fifteen years of experience to the team. While attending university in Munich, he founded the comprehensive media and advertising agency, Cross Studios, which has since grown to service companies worldwide. Long-time friend and partner of AuctionHouse, Tim continues to help create an unrivaled user experience.

Mike Brady

Graphic Design, Marketing
Mike is the resident nomad at AuctionHouse. With over 40 moves in his life, four of those being cross-country, Mike was more than happy to see Eric’s vision of simplifying the moving process come to fruition. Mike’s experience as a Director of Marketing and an entrepreneur have helped to shape AuctionHouse into the new, better way to manage property in Boston.

Andy Vargas

Public Relations
Andy is a senior at Boston University who is heavily involved and invested in the Boston community. After his difficult and confusing quest for renting an apartment, he is excited to be a part of a team that will make moving around Boston easy and efficient. Andy's keen interests in public affairs and civic engagement drive his motivation to improve the city he loves.

Michael Barry

Journalism, Social Media
After graduating with a degree in Architectural Studies in 2013, Michael entered the world of real estate and property management where he could combine his love for urban development and multi-family housing design. A Boston native, Michael has seen the City of Boston change over the past decades and is excited to see what else is in store for his hometown.
Auctionhouse User Information
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Personalized Agent Proposals

Receive custom proposals from top Realtors, providing consistent key data points (like competitive commission rates) to help youchoose an agent to sell your home. We believe transparency is key to a stress-free agent selection process. (SAMPLE)

Preapproved Buyers

All buyers registered with AuctionHouse must first receive preapproval from their preferred lender (or Proof of Funds for Cash Offer from bank) before being matched with agents or entering any home sale negotiations. Only legitimate prospective buyers will contact you about your property.

Save Money and Enjoy a Fluid Experience

With AuctionHouse, dictate the rate you want to pay your agents services. Say goodbye to the traditional 6% fee; save thousands by taking advantage of our stress-free, transparent agent bidding process.

Validated Listings

All listing submitted to AuctionHouse must first be validated with legitimate appraisal and inspection, increasing the likelihood of a successful closing. On AuctionHouse, buyers can browse with confidence.

Preappraisal & Preinspection

Preappraisalscertain that you are pricing your home accurately and will not have any issues during closing. Roughly two thirds of all buyers use a mortgage; a preemptive appraisal will give you complete confidence in your asking price going into sale negotiations. CMAs traditionally used by brokers to determine home value can be off as high as 5-x%. Ear With preinspection, you will know about any potential issues that might come up during negotiations, as your buyer will find for themselves during their own inspection. Keep the leverage in your hands. o Sellers are required to initially cover both appraisal and inspection fees. Upon completion of a successful home sale, AuctionHouse will refund these fees in full.

How it works

  • Submit & Validate Your Property
    • Create membership
    • Add property (screenshot)
    • Validate property - Before agents can bid on your property, validation must first be provided to demonstrate that the property has a recent appraisal and inspection.
  • Review Agent Proposals & Select Your Agent
    • Screenshot(s) of Agent Proposal(s)
  • Select
  • Agent & Sell Your Home!